Oy CombiCarrier Ltd (hereafter CC) is a Finnish company founded in 2015. The CC Business Strategy is to create a new and holistic business model for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Baltic rim. The other line of business is to organize mining concentrates logistics focusing on maritime transport but also inland transport to the ports.

CC strategy is the facilitation, orchestration and control of the midstream LNG supply chain starting from procurement to the sale and delivery of LNG to the end-user. The operations are carried out in cooperation with the selected partners forming the CC Ecosystem.

This control and governance of the supply chain (Shipping, Floating storages, Feeder ships, LNG Containers, Trucks with Sideloader investment etc.) will make it possible to effect on the cost elements resulting to reasonable pricing policy and making the quick market penetration possible.

CC has developed a cost effective LNG Transportation and Storage Concept. It consists of a LNG Floating Storage (FSU) as Main Hub, LNG Container Feeder Ships, Changeable Floating Storages (CFS), and land transport of LNG Containers by Trucks provided with hydraulic lifting arrangement “Side loader”.

The CFS require shorter time to obtain necessary environmental and construction permits than a land based LNG tank.

CC and its forerunners have made extensive investigations and have meet for negotiations with the whole chain from LNG providers, major LNG shipping companies, companies for land transport of containers, ports, major power plant companies and other end-users. Authorities such as Finnish Transport Agency (TraFi) and Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd has been contacted regarding port operations. The National Emergency Supply Agency as well as big end consumers has shown great interest in the CC concept.