Oy CombiCarrier Ltd strategy is the facilitation, orchestration and control of the midstream LNG supply chain starting from procurement to the sale and delivery of LNG to the end-user. The operations are carried out in cooperation with the selected partners forming the CC Ecosystem.  The other line of business is to organize mining concentrates logistics focusing on maritime transport but also inland transport to the ports. Services  above mentioned:

Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG distribution

  • Sea transport
  • Floating terminals
  • Inland road transport.

Mining concentrates logistics

  • Sea transport
  • Inland transport to the ports

CombiCarrier offers related to above mentioned LNG distribution and mining concentrate transport:

  • Systemplanning and concepts design
  • Preliminary shipdesign
  • Profitability calculation and optimization
  • Networkin gas buyers and sellers, as well as other players
  • Contacts to investors and other actors
  • Education, foresight and research.